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When is a C3 deviation not a C3 deviation?

May 31, 2017

Electrical Testing – Wrong categorisation of deviation on an EICR


Question – When is a C3 deviation not a C3 deviation?


Answer – When your dodgy contractor needs more work!


EICR – C1, C2, C3 deviations explained


We are fed up of seeing electrical deviations from BS7671 wrongly categorised when clients have paid for an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) from a contractor that they believe to be reputable.

We are regularly asked to quote electrical remedial work for clients who have had an EICR completed by what they believed to be a reputable contractor and what we see can sometimes beggar belief.

We all know that a C3 deviation is often not a priority and that clients often do not authorise their remedy whereas C1 and C2 deviations usually are authorised by clients.

It is a betrayal of trust to knowingly wrongly categorise a deviation on a EICR. To do so from a position of ignorance is equally unacceptable.


Perhaps I should open a rogue’s gallery…. Let me have your thoughts?