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Legislative Update – Electrical

January 8, 2016

Legislative Updates (Electrical)

BS7671 17th Edition Wiring Regulations 3rd Amendment is now fully current including changes to consumer units (reg 421.1.200) which was delayed until 1st January 2016 to allow time for manufacturers to comply (and presumably to sell off their stocks of plastic consumer boards)

Main Changes Provided within Amendment 3:

  • Some layout changes
  • Expanded defenitions
  • Some new regs.
  • UK specific regs.
  • Some new “special locations”.
  • Alterations to test certificates


UK Specific regulations

There are now some new regulations that are specific to the UK. Any new UK regulation will end in a .200 number.


Definition of Competent

“Competent” person will now be defined as “instructed” person.


RCD’s for all sockets

Regulation 411.3.3 now refers to RCD protection for ALL socket outlets unless

  1. It is specifically labelled
  2. A documented risk assessment has been carried out.


Lower Main Earth Loop Impedance Values

Zs values to take into account the Cmin factor which is for minimum voltage factor. For low voltage supplies Cmin is given as 0.95 which will lower all the permitted values.


Plastic Consumer Units

Regulation 421.1.200 – consumer units, switch boards and assemblies in domestic installations are now to be made of non combustible material such as metal or enclosed in a fire proof boxing or enclosure.


Escape Route Wiring

Wiring in escape routing should be supported and fixed so it’s not liable to collapse in the event of a fire. This would include the use of metal cable ties, metal containment and support fixings which would not fail due to excessive heat.


RCD’s for Cables in Walls

Regulations 522 – Any cable in a wall or partition even commercial or industrial would likely require RCD protection.


RCD’s for Special Locations

Regulation 701.411.3.3 – Cables passing through a special location are to be RCD protected.


Skilled Person Test/Inspection

Part 6 Chapter 61 – Change to skilled person (electrically) being competent in inspection, testing and certification