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Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) – Who Should Do The Electrical Remedial Repairs?

June 12, 2017

Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)Who Should Do the Electrical Remedial Repairs?

When you have an EICR carried out on your building it is worth remembering that it does not necessarily have to be the same Electrical Testing Company that did the testing who carry out any Electrical Remedial Works that may be highlighted as being necessary to Comply with BS7671 and achieve a Satisfactory Electrical Certificate.

Electrical Installation Condition Report

The EICR is an electrical inspection, test and report on the fixed wiring within a building that is generally completed every three years on industrial sites and every five years on commercial sites by a fully qualified and suitably experienced electrician.

The Electrical Inspection Condition Report compares the Electrical Installation within the building to the Requirements of BS7671 which is the standard that all Electrical Installations within the UK should meet. Where it does not meet the standard, a Non-Compliance is noted as a C1, C2, C3 of FI. It is these Non-Compliances that require consideration/remedy.


Because the Non-Compliance is noted as an integral part of the EICR Certificate an alternative Electrical Contractor should be perfectly capable of understanding the Non-Compliance, recommending a suitable remedy and providing a price for completing the work. Just as you sought a Competitive Price for The EICR you may want to do the same for any noted Electrical Remedial Works and there is no technical or compliance related reason why you cannot. Indeed, many would consider it good commercial practice to do so.

Whoever completes the Electrical Remedials should issue appropriate Electrical Certification to confirm that your Installation is deemed a Satisfactory Electrical Installation.