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Portable Appliance Testing FAQ’s

June 2, 2017

Portable Appliance Testing is a process that is commonly abbreviated to PAT Testing or PAT Test. The Electricity at Work Regulations (1989) require that any electrical appliance that has the potential to cause injury must be maintained in a safe condition.

Frequency of PAT testing

The frequency of PAT testing is derived from your own risk assessment. Commonly within industrial and commercial premises most portable electrical appliances are tested annually with some items that are rarely moved or unplugged (computers, printers etc) being tested every 2 or even every 3 years.

Portable Appliance Testing

PAT Testing Process

Each portable electric appliance undergoes a thorough visual inspection followed by an electrical test using a PAT Testing Machine that has been calibrated to industry standards.

PAT Test Visual Inspection

The visual inspection of the portable appliance starts with a check that the plug meets the current British Standard, that the fuse is correctly rated for the appliance and that it is correctly wired. The electric lead is then inspected for any damage or cracking and for integrity of connection at both ends. The appliance is also inspected for any exposed parts or missing covers.

Test with a PAT machine

Following the visual inspection of the portable electrical appliance it is then tested using a PAT machine. The electrician will interpret the PAT Test result (visual and PAT machine test) and if it has passed a Pass sticker will be attached to the appliance. If any appliance fails then a fail sticker is attached to the appliance which is immediately removed from service and quarantined pending your decision about its fate (repair or replace).

Pat Test Report

A PAT test report is produced which provides a list of all items tested with a brief description of the appliance and its asset reference. The PAT Report details the tests undertaken and records a pass or fail for each electrical appliance tested. This report can be used to evidence that you have complied with regulations and should be retained for any Health & Safety audits.

PAT Test Prices

Pat test pricing is largely based upon the number of appliances to be tested. A competitive on-screen instant price for PAT testing is available here PAT Prices